Business Assistance

Why waste money employing someone full time, when all you need are a few extra hours a week?

There are a plenty of reasons why a Virtual Assistant is a good idea in this day and age. 

For one, it allows you to make better use of your current Employees. What would you rather your people were focussing on? Would you rather they worked with you to help you grow your business, or would you rather they sat at their desks writing letters and replying to emails all day?
The same applies to small business owners too. Managing emails, ordering supplies, chasing late payments... the list is almost endless. 
A Virtual Assistant can save you time by doing all of these these and many other mundane tasks which must be done, but are frankly not adding value to your business. 

Yes, you could employ a part time admin assistant.
You would pay their salary, the employers taxes, their pension and their odd days sick leave. You would have to train them, monitor their telephone useage and their telephone manner. You'd need a discipline policy, a pension policy, a GDPR policy (and train them in it!).
Again, the list is almost endless! -of course I can help you write all of those :-)


You could use a Virtual Assistant. 
There would be an agreed rate for specific tasks, based around £25 per hour, and no other Employment related costs to pay!
I have a background as an Executive PA in both private and local authority sectors, as well as significant past experience in technical admin back office work for a large bank and of course, I can Google for England! 

So, what can I actually do for you?

  • Diary management – Schedule meetings and appointments.
  • Organise your to-do list and calendar.
  • Email management,
  • Customer contact, chasing for payments etc. 
  • Basic data entry - spread sheets
  • Book your travel arrangements.
  • Whilst this isn't "virtual", If you're local to me, I can cover your phones during staff holidays or planned absence.  
  • Assist with research and purchase of gifts or equipment. 
  • Negotiate your gas and electricity accounts and, if necessary, help you switch to a better provider.
  • Help you keep your insurances in order, by monitoring end dates and ensuring you never miss a renewal window.  
  • Proof reading documents
  • Copy typing and letter writing of dictated or emailed content
  • Essentially, more or less anything your office based asistant can do, with the exception that I don't make you a cup of tea in the morning.