Home Assistance

Virtual Assistants are not just for business!

Recent events have shown us that the line between home life and work life can get a little blurred - with us all being pulled in directions we never would have imagined two years ago! Who would have thought that we would need to juggle school work with housework, before sitting at the dining table to join a zoom call with our "office colleagues"!

Suddenly there seems to be even less time to do those things which are important to us all.

That's where I can help. 

Of course, it also helps that I am passionate about value for money!
I apply that not just to my rates but in the fact that I enjoy saving people money in their day to day lives. I can help you 

Research large purchases
reporting back to you not just on a great place to bag a bargain but also on whether there are any offers, discounts or vouchers that you might like to use to reduce the cost.  

Compare Utilities
I will use your current bills to look for and suggest a switch if I find that you are paying more than you need to. 
(According to Energy UK, In 2018 only 1 in 5 switched energy suppliers, and in 2017 those that switched saved £250 on average!)

Get Motor and Household Insurance Quotes
Using your current policies as a guide, I will go the research for you and report back on whether you would save money by switching rather than renewing your insurances. 

Assist with your household finances
I'll use your printed bank statements to check your in-comings and outgoings and  prepare a report for you to demonstrate where your hard earned cash is going! Just  knowing where the money is going will help you to live within your means and Yes, if you are spending £300 a week on shoes, I'll find out!

Clean and de-clutter windows laptops
Ok, so this isn't really "Virtual", but if you are local to me, then I can collect your laptop, de-clutter it, (deleting pop ups and browser helpers and toolbars in the process),  run the latest Windows Updates, virus check it and return it back so that it starts up faster and runs more smoothly.  If it's beyond help, I will let you know and also research a replacement and report back to you on the best offers.